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Over and above being a profession, ours is a passion that has lasted for 25 years. Our concept is to be with you, to advise you in all your catamaran related projects. We provide our clients with a wide range of services: training, chartering, charter management, and the choice of the right charter catamaran for you at all destinations. 

Thanks to those that have already trusted us.

We are not in the catamaran business because it is currently the fashion.. we are there out of conviction. ACM LOCATION was the first catamaran training centre and is still the only French sailing school solely devoted to cats. ACM LOCATION is 100% independent and offers all brands of catamarans. We train and partner with many of our clients in the realisation of their catamaran project - sometimes a lifelong partnership. The relationship often extends well beyond the bounds of business into personal and professional relationships.

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