Sailing in Greece

Those of us fortunate enough to have spent time there are pretty much unanimous in our praise of Greece. The sailing is of wondrous variety and takes the visitor to places of breathtaking beauty. Every little port has its collection of friendly tavernas and food shops. No the food is not the best in Europe (neither is the wine), but it is inexpensive and the owners are there with a smile every time you need them. Greece is naturally hospitable - you feel welcome there and part of their land and culture. You cannot really say that of Turkey or even of Croatia. We spent four happy years there and but for Brexit would probably be there still. 


Marinas in Greece are rare. It is mostly a case of inexpensive Town Quays, or anchoring although prices have been increasing recently.


There are five main sailing areas in the Greek Aegean, plus Crete, the E. Sporades, and the less popular north. Each offers as much variety as a single other country. You can click on one of the buttons below and be taken to a page detailing the itineraries and conditions to be found at each. 

Greece is difficult for us to manage, such is its richness as a cruising ground. Each of the five main regions offers almost as much as an individual country elsewhere. We have done our best, but if this is your first time, have a look at the Navigation system. You can try it FREE for 7 days.​ First select the region that most intrests you from the list below.