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Access to the main web site is FREE and always will be. Green Yachting does however have a number of  premium features only available to subscribers. 

  • The Navigation Information System that takes you right into the Marina, Port, Town Quay, or Pontoon. No pilot book needed!

  • Comprehensive databases of

    • Marinas​, Ports, Town Quays, & Pontoons

    • Anchorages

    • Facilities Ashore

      • Restaurants​

      • Food Stores

      • Supermarkets

      • Chandlers

      • Yacht Services

      • Winter storage

Subscribers can submit information requests for things like a 7 day cruise itinerary. What we send them includes not only a suggested itinerary, but every facility that they will find at each destination. Most of our information is based on personal experience.

Choose the right subscription package for you.

Prices start at just ​10€ per year​​​​

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