Sailing in the North of Croatia

Northern Croatia is an area of such extraordinary sailing richness that setting out its attractions is perhaps an insurmountable challenge. . There are no less than 87 marinas and ports in our database, and that excludes anchorages. Separating the mainland from the islands is illogical for sailors. 

Starting from Umag in the north and going down to Pula in the south of the Istrian peninsula is probably a good cruise for many, but then there's the leg up to Rijeka, and the islands of Krk, Cres, Rab, and Pag before you reach Zadar - the usual base for the Kornati Islands. Many experienced sailors maintain that Croatia and Greece vie for top spot. Unfortunately we know Greece very well, and northern Croatia hardly at all. However the briefest of glances at the map below gives an idea of the sailing richness to be found.

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N. Croatia Interactive Sailing Map

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N. Croatia - Marinas & Ports Selection

Below you will see by default ALL the marinas Umag, Pula, Rijeka, and Zadar. They are listed in north to south order.  The "Zone" field is not yet fully used here. Each brief description is linked to complete marina and nearby facilities..

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Click on the image OR on the "More Details" button to view those details. Registered Users can use the Selection system below to view ONLY those marinas that meet their essential needs. There are four "Zones" here but assignement is still incomplete.. We show the name of the town. Sometimes nearby facilities are linked to the nearest larger town.

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We know that identifying marinas that are safe in winter is not always easy, and liveaboards often want to know if they will have company.

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