Yacht Charters in Croatia

Croatia and Greece are easily the largest charter yacht destinations in Europe. For Germans and Austrians it is just a quick blast down the motorway; for the rest of us there are masses of flights to Split and Dubrovik. 


The season is shorter than further south, and the occasional Bora is scary, but there is no doubt that along with Greece, and to a lesser extent Turkey, this is one of the world's outstanding cruising grounds. It is however expensive to moor in a marina, and sometimes impossible to avoid equally pricey buoy fields. Officialdom has not entirely shaken off its Communist legacy either.

Our own experience is very limited so what we publish is much more influenced by what we have heard and read than is the case for the other major regions that we cover at this site.

The charter companies we have split over 3 regions. North goes from Umag to Sukosan; Centre from Sibenik to Makarska; and South from Makarska to Dubrovnik.

The information published at this site has been compiled from publicly available information sources or personal experience. Please feel free to submit additional information or corrections to that already published.







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Yacht Charter Companies & Sailing Schools in CROATIA

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