Yacht Charters in GREECE

Greece is probably our favourite Mediterranean destination. The season runs from May to October inclusive. There are at least five different sailing areas each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The number of charter yachts on offer is huge, so competition for your business is fierce.

There are a number of large national operators with fleets in more than one region, and there are purely local companies specialising in a given region.

In each of the five regions you will find a list of the charter companies operating there, listed in apparent customer satisfaction order. Please note that we have detected a number of clear attempts to artificially improve a company's Google rating. Our table has been adjusted to rely solely on what we believe to be genuine customer comment.

Those wanting to sail in the Cyclades ("the Greek islands") should note that the number of yachts on offer at bases there is very small. Starting from Lavrion may be the best solution. 

Our company is committed to environmental responsibility. Each charter company therefore also has a "GREEN" rating. This is based currently on three criteria: use of solar energy on the yachts; recycling policy at their bases; wider public support for environmental issues.

The information published at this site has been compiled from publicly available information sources or personal experience. Please feel free to submit additional information or corrections to that already published.







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